Convection Oven Vs Conventional Oven

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Has your stove “pooped” out on you? And are you looking at new stoves wondering which way to go? Convection Vs Conventional? Or are you just looking for extra oven space? The stove/oven is after all the “heart” of the kitchen.

I love to cook and bake and when I have my children and grandchildren over for a meal I desperately needed extra oven space. I thought about it for a while and then decided to get a table-top oven. It has the convection option but I have to admit I haven’t used that option much.

Shop Around and Compare

But then just a couple months ago my stove did quit on me so it was stove shopping for my husband and I. I didn’t realize how many options and price ranges there were. A straight conventional oven starts around $400.00 on up. Then when you get to the convection option well they start at around $700.00 and go into well over a $1000.00. Well, I found one I really liked. And Lucky me, it was in the mid price range.

It pays to shop around so be patient. I found one I liked at the first place we went but my husband wanted to think about it so we went to lunch. The second place we went I found one I liked even better and it happened to be significantly lower in price It has the convectional bake and roast option as well as the conventional bake. So I decided I needed to find out the difference.

Convection Oven

convection oven vs conventional ovenA convection oven has a fan in the back of the oven that blows the hot air surrounding the food while it is baking resulting in even cooking and browning. It also speeds up the baking time. With a convection oven, you will need to lower the temperature by 25 degrees so if the recipe calls for 350 degrees you will need to adjust the temperature to 325 degrees. You can bake/roast most anything except cakes, quick breads or custard. As far as pans, you will need to use low sided baking pans to allow the blowing air to circulate around the food. So if you are planning on a nice thick casserole the better choice would be a conventional oven.

Conventional Oven

Conventional Oven or thermal oven has a heating element whether electric or gas that heats your oven and surrounds the food with hot air that cooks the food. The hot air just hangs around and can result with uneven cooking and browning. But you can fix this by rotating the food.

The Benefits Of A Convection Oven

Food cooks faster in a convection oven which results in less time the oven is in on thus very energy efficient. Your finished products will be evenly cooked/baked and evenly browned. At the holidays and family gathering, you will be able to get the food on the table on time. I have always had problems with this in the past. I would tell my guests that the meal will commence at 1:00 and I usually had the meal ready by 2:00. But then I guess time management could be an issue here as well 🙂

No Over Crowding

convection oven vs conventional ovenIn a convectional oven please make sure that you do not overcrowd the oven. The air will not be able to surround all the pans/food properly. You can use several racks in the oven just make sure to stagger your pans. This is also true in your conventional ovens as well. You will get better results!


There are many price ranges and brands of stoves that have both options. If you can’t afford the larger price for these choices there are many affordable countertop convection ovens on the market. You can check them out here. Another word regarding stoves with both options. There are many that have double ovens and while this sounds great, in my opinion, it really isn’t. These double ovens are fairly small and you are not really gaining anything here. Plus the lower oven is well low.

There are many options that have a normal size oven with both options with just a push of a button. I have one of those options and I absolutely love it. I have been experimenting more with the convection option. And that is what baking/cooking is all about. Versatility and experimenting!

I would love to hear from you so please feel to leave a comment below and let me know what you think about Convection Oven Vs Conventional Oven. Your experiences and thoughts are highly appreciated!